Lifetime Candles by White River Designs

Refillable and clean-burning, these oil candles are hand-made by White River Designs in Harrison, Arkansas. Each candle is filled and sealed with a smokeless and odorless oil and comes with a no-trim fiberglass wick. The colors last a lifetime!

Oil Candle Collections

— In Ten Styles —

Cube – 2″x2″   $29
Oval – $29
Sunburst – 3″ W x 3.75″ H   $29
Eco –   $35
Apothecary –   $32
Small Cylinder – 3.5″ Dia. x 7.5″ H   $58
Cylinder – 3.5″ Dia. x 12″ H   $89
XL Cylinder – 4″ Dia. x 17″ H   $159
Brandy – 5″ Dia. x 10.5″ H $98
Ginger Vase – 6″ Dia. x 12″ H $169

Orchid Collection

Four colors to choose from.

Butterfly Collection

Choose from Monarch, Purple or Blue butterflies.

Seashell Collection

Two variations to choose from, Blush and Seashell. Shell colors may vary.

Berry Collection

Available in two colors, Blue and Red.

Fruit Bowl

Seven styles to choose from.

Green Berry Harvest

Six options to choose from.